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Our services

R&D engineering consulting

Personalized support throughout your research and development process, with a materials engineering approach specialized in additive manufacturing. From the idea to the industrialization of your products!

Stock analysis for in-house additive manufacturing

Analysis of your spare parts to study their printability, so that you can manufacture them in-house.

  • Less stock and dependence on supplies
  • Better cost control

Computer-aided design/3D modeling

3D modeling of one of your parts or future products using CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software, based on pre-defined specifications.

3D printing service for polymers and composites

Additive manufacturing of your parts or prototypes using a wide range of polymer materials to meet your needs.

Our production facilities

Conventional FDM printer

Unleash your creativity with an affordable solution that will bring your ideas to life. This 3D printing technology lets you create customized parts with precision, while exploring a variety of materials to bring your projects to life with ease.

Large-volume printer

Dare to think big and make your ambitious projects a reality. This printer offers a vast print volume (600x500x600 mm), enabling you to create large parts with ease. Ideal for prototypes, demonstration parts and large-scale final components.

Printer with temperature-controlled enclosure

Push the boundaries of 3D printing with more technical polymer materials. This printer is designed for precise temperature control during the printing process, enabling you to produce parts with technical polymers that meet the most demanding requirements of your applications.

Bi-material printer

Explore new technical dimensions by combining two distinct materials in a single print. Create versatile parts with varied properties, combining flexibility and rigidity. Let your imagination run wild with this printer and explore innovative, functional designs for your projects.

5-axis printer

Create strong, complex custom parts with greater freedom of movement. Strategically reinforce your creations by adding strength where needed, to meet the specific requirements of your applications. Versatile printing for top-quality results.

Pellet printer

Bring your ideas to life, directly from pellet to reality. This versatile, cost-effective solution uses pellets directly, giving you greater flexibility in your choice of materials and lower costs. Ideal for experimenting with pellets and small series production.

Our reference

At the right time to impulse 3D printing in our industrial ecosystem, Antoine was able to activate, through his consulting intervention, with professionalism and expertise, the potential of 3D printing in a production environment. We were able to start this potential study before the transition together. Beyond his expertise, his passion for this technology can help to ensure the awakening of teams to this technology and support towards this transformation. We will continue to promote his expertise and look forward to continuing to work with him in the future.

Stéphane Beaugrand,
Performance & Digital Head,

SANOFI Amilly Production Site

Antoine Dubois instructed our researchers and students in May 2023 regarding 3D printing of fibre reinforced biopolymers by using the Stratus3D pellets extruder 3D printer. The instruction was very valuable, and given with great expertise, and we got a comprehensive overview regarding 3D printing. We are very happy to invite him again to the University of Borås in the future.

Mikael Skrifvars, Professor,

Polymer Technology, Borås university.

Antoine Dubois spoke to our Bachelor's students during the 2022-2023 year on subjects such as 3D printing and materials science. His skills as well as his availability were appreciated during these teachings, and we'll be calling on him again for the start of the 2023-2024 academic year!

Serge Rébois, lecturer

Southern Brittany University

Stratus3D is a great support for our design and prototyping stages of equipment adapted for disabled athletes. Its expertise in the 3D printing sector is an asset for optimizing our equipment and testing new functions quickly. The range of printers on offer allows us to adapt to our specific requirements, even for Sprint.

Ugo Le Roux, Co-founder


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